The widow and two children of a security screener killed in an attack at Los AngelesInternationalAirport last year have filed a $25 million claim against the city of Los Angeles.

AlderLaw P.C. said Thursday the claim was filed on behalf of the family of Transportation Security Administration Officer Gerardo Hernandez, who was killed Nov. 1 by a gunman that authorities say targeted TSA officers. Three other people were injured.

The claim filed on April 16 alleges the city, including Los Angeles World Airports, which operates LAX and its airport police, "failed to properly hire, supervise, train, staff, and plan for the protection and safety of individuals and personnel" at the airport and delayed medical care to Hernandez.

A claim can be a precursor to a lawsuit if it is rejected.

"The city of Los Angeles employees failed in carrying out their duties, creating a very dangerous lapse in security, which was a factor causing Mr. Hernandez to be fatally shot and killed," attorney Michael Alder said in a statement. "Even more horrific, is that the city's employees delayed medical care to Mr. Hernandez."

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