A majority of Californians are unhappy with income distribution in the state, but they are divided over whether the government should do more to intervene or further raise the minimum wage, according to a Field Poll released Wednesday.

The survey found that 54 percent of California adults said they were dissatisfied with the wage and income gap, compared to 38 percent who said they were satisfied. The view is shared by similar numbers of Democrats and Republicans and across virtually all age, income and gender groups. People who call themselves political independents were more satisfied with income distribution than those who identified with either major party.

Nearly six in 10 adults believe the gap between the wealthy and everyone else is growing.

The findings come amid a national debate about low-wage workers and the widening income gap. In San Francisco, some residents have staged protests over rising rents, driven partly by a surge of wealthy high-tech workers from Silicon Valley.

California’s first increase in the minimum wage in six years also started Tuesday, rising to $9 an hour. It will climb to $10 an hour in 2016.

Nearly half of those surveyed by Field said the minimum wage should be raised even further, while 37 percent said the increases already taking effect are adequate. About one in 10 believes the rate has already been raised too much.

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