A Miami Beach police officer has been reinstated after testing positive for drugs by successfully arguing he unknowingly absorbed the drug through a sex cream he was given by 'an old Cuban guy.'

After detective Reinaldo Casas tested positive for cocaine he was fired from the department, but launched a union grievance days later insisting that the drug had been unwittingly absorbed into his blood through an erection-enhancing cream he applied to his genitals.

His defense worked.

An arbitrator this week ordered Casas, who was fired last year because of this positive drug test, be reinstated with complete back pay.

'There is no evidence in the record to show that (Casas) was aware the cream contained a controlled substance,' according to the arbitrator’s report released Thursday.

By law, Miami Beach police must comply with the ruling. The decision caps an embarrassing saga for Casas, who was a homicide investigator when he was fired in February 2013. Casas had failed a random drug test administered by the police department.

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