According to NBC Los Angeles, a spokesperson for the LAUSD has admitted that they destroyed certain documents related the child abuse case at Miramonte school.

Sean Rossall of Cerrell Associates, the public relations representative handling media inquiries about the Miramonte child abuse scandal, says the documents were destroyed sometime in 2008.

In light of some documents being destroyed, Superior Court Judge John Wiley, Jr. issued a ruling that will open the door to unredacted information gathered by investigators.

Wiley wrote that Mark Berndt "touched students in many ways, ranging from highly assaulting touching of vaginas and female breasts to other contacts with less obviously abusive implications.  Berndt exposed his genitalia to students and others, by sitting in short shorts without underwear and spreading his legs in front of students," and that Berndt would induce children to touch his penis, arms, legs or chest.


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