Fast food workers in Los Angeles joined workers  across the country today in walking off their jobs as part of a wave of strikes  calling for $15-an-hour wages and the right to form a union.

Workers from two McDonald's and a Burger King in South Los Angeles took  part in the strike this morning.

Edgar Gonzalez, a McDonald's worker at a restaurant on Crenshaw  Boulevard, said he went on strike because he only makes $8.25 per hour.

'`I would like to get a little bit more money so I can afford my rent,''  Gonzalez said. ``Sometimes I have to decide between buying food or paying the  rent.''

He said that $15 per hour may not be enough to get out of the poverty,  but it would be a big step forward, especially since his daughter is two-weeks- old and he wants to go back to school.

A McDonald's spokesperson said in a statement: ``McDonald's respects our  employees' right to voice their opinions and to protest lawfully and  peacefully. If employees participate in these activities, they are welcomed  back and scheduled to work their regular shifts.''

Elda Martinez, a representative for the Central America Resource Center,  said the goal in asking for a $15 per hour wage is to allow workers to  provide for their families.

``It is a fair demand,'' Martinez said. ``Many of the workers have  families, unlike the myth that we've been told the workers are young, that they  are students.''

Los Angeles council members have ordered a study of the economic effects  of raising the minimum wage to $15.37 for hotel workers in the city.

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