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LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Former Bell City Councilwoman Teresa Jacobo was sentenced to two years in prison today for misappropriating public funds through inflated salaries for sitting on city boards that rarely met, despite two of her co-defendants receiving primarily probation for similar offenses.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Kathleen Kennedy said Jacobo, who has a background in real estate, was in a different position than the other former council members.

``She should have known more than the other defendants because of the experience she had in real property law,'' Kennedy said.

The judge also said she didn't believe Jacobo's apology was sincere, adding that she had a ``defiant attitude.''

Kennedy also ordered Jacobo to pay more than $242,000 in restitution. She must surrender on Aug. 25 to begin serving her prison time.

The prison sentence sparked outrage among Jacobo's family and supporters, at least one of whom could be heard screaming in the hallway outside court.

Jacobo, 61, was convicted in March 2013 along with former council members George Mirabal and former Mayor Oscar Hernandez of five counts and acquitted of five others.

Former Councilman George Cole was convicted of two counts and acquitted of two others, while former Councilman Victor Bello was convicted of four counts and acquitted of four others.

The five pleaded no contest April 9 to two felony counts each of misappropriation of public funds in a plea deal -- charges on which jurors had deadlocked -- to resolve the case against them.

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