(Photo courtesy Lauren Aghajanian)

There's a fight that's been going on between some local hiking and running enthusiasts and some archers.  

Here's the basic deal, archers want to preserve the Lower Arroyo Archery Range, the world's oldest continually operating field archery range, for their practice, but some runners and hikers want it closed so they can have more access to the range.

Currently, there are extensive legal hiking and running trails that are just outside the range for them to use to prevent them from using target and maintenance paths that cross the shooting lanes, but some people ignore posted signs and use the maintenance path anyway, which puts both them and archers that are practicing in danger.

There has NEVER been an accident at the range in its 79 year history, and the archers want to keep it that way.  So right now the city council is considering whether or not to keep the range open, or close it and allow it to be used for other recreational purposes.

Producer Lauren Aghajanian, is KFI's own Katniss Everdeen, and she's GOOD! She joined Gary to talk about what's been going on.

(Photo courtesy Lauren Aghajanian)

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(Photo courtesy Lauren Aghajanian)

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