From Ham'n Scram:

Ham ‘n Scram is an old idea with a new face. It springs from a simple mission: Serve our community with a unique, healthy and dynamic food offering. Our company goal is just as simple: Offer great food and serve that great food simply and quickly. Bone-in, Smoked Ham is a unique taste in Southern California and as “the other white meat” is a healthy alternative to many of the red meat offerings, even ham offerings, available at most sandwich shops, taquerias and fast food establishments. The owners of Ham ‘n Scram discovered a niche for selling ham and related ham offerings after a 25-year search for a sandwich shop that sells ham as a centerpiece for breakfast & lunch.

Enter Ham ‘n Scram, since September 1, 2010, selling Breakfast, Lunch and delicious Soups made in-house from HAM. We serve it quickly so you can SCRAM…and get on with your busy day. Get the picture??? Because of our focus on Ham, we offer dishes that feature Ham- Burritos & other breakfast standards, Sandwiches, Soups, even the newly introduced “Scrammer” which is a rice-wrap, best described as California Roll-like, with smoked ham and vegetables wrapped with rice. We waste little, too. We make our soups from the ham bones and sell the remaining (big) ham bones to our customers so they can make their own soup at home. Customer demand got us selling “Doggie-bags”- ham scraps for the pooch.  You won’t go wrong with ham!!

Now, what about this family-owned business and the staff? Great folks, really…Personable, Friendly, Hard-working, involved in Community Events, Caring. The Staff makes every effort to know your name and a little bit about you; we’ll even take your picture and post it on our shop wall or website. We care about you- our clients are the engine that runs Ham ‘n Scram.

Ham ‘n Scram is located at 5871 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CA 92683

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