As east coast transplants Joe Nicchi and his wife quickly learned that it was easier to sell a script in this town than find good quality soft serve ice cream. How could it be so difficult?

After complaining about it to their friends and family back home for the past 15 years, they decided to do something about it. The goal with CVT Soft Serve is to bring Los Angeles the highest quality east coast soft serve ice cream, and show a town full of smoke and mirrors just how much frozen yogurt sucks. 

If you’re gonna treat yourself, treat yourself!

They have partnered up with a local California dairy to create a custom mix that they believe is the best-tasting soft serve ice cream west of the Atlantic.

That's a bold statement. Kind of arrogant actually. Is it arrogant if it's true?

CVT Soft Serve combines the perfect blend of creaminess and flavor.

Read more about CVT Soft Serve here.

Find out where they will be next on Twitter: @CVTSoftServe