We asked Chef Manouschka Guerrier for some tips for those that are cooking on a smaller scale than usual.

People who are single or are just a couple have different food needs than a family of 4 or more.  

Chef Manouschka's tips will help you avoid waste and still make some delicious food!

See her top 5 below:

1. The muffin tin is your BEST friend! You can make single servings of almost anything. Meatloaf, Shepherd's Cupcakes (Shepherd's Pie), Lasagna Cupcakes, Pot Pie... etc freeze & reheat later for yourself or guests.
2. Pick one day to shop & prep your food for the week. Makes it less daunting to cook for yourself every night.
3. Take something like ground beef, a whole salmon filet or chicken & separate in three & make three different meals out of it from tacos, to salads, to sandwiches.
4. Roast a whole chicken at least every 2 weeks, & make a plethora of different things from it like chicken salad, chicken soup, chicken & rice, etc.
5. Shop at your local Farmer's Market you can get the exact portions of food you need for the week without wasting anything. It may be a little pricier, but it's organic locally sourced food that isn't being wasted when it goes bad, which in the long run costs less.
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