Fashion blogger Taye Hansberry has been on the news lately; and not to talk about new fashion trends.

Hansberry just recently posted an article to her blog titled: “I Had a Fat Transfer to My Boobs and Why I Am Telling the World I did it..”

She mentions on her post that she had never been against the plastic surgery.

However, she also mentions that she is someone that likes to try new things.

Hansberry finally decided to give “Fat Transfer,” a try and in her blog——she shares her story.

In her blog, Taye talks about meeting with her doctor for the first time and how she felt.

She also shares her motives for getting fat transferred to her breasts and all the procedure.

Why is this so fascinating? It has been getting a lot of attention because it is definitely a new trend.

Taye Hansberry joined Dr Wendy Walsh on today’s show to talk about the whole experience.

Are girls getting this procedure done because of social pressure? Because they want to look like other celebrities? Or is it Instagram’s fault?

Listen to the interview below to hear Taye’s story and Dr Wendy Walsh's thoughts:

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