We get a lot of email in the KFI newsroom.  Many of it complimentary, lots of it critical.  Here's a recent one about our use of the conversational term "guy."

(I've protected the complainer's identity to shield him from spam and your desire to write him and agree with him)


From: Alan Sxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxx@yahoo.com]
Sent: Monday, August 04, 2014 6:22 PM
Subject: Shannon Ferrin Disrespects Men


Please terminate Shannon Ferrin for her disrespectful reports of men, whom she calls "guys." Shannon has a misandrist doube standard: she refers to women respectfully as "women" but men are disparaged as just "guys" in her reports such a 6:00 today. The etymology of guy is Guy Fawkes: a hated person who tried to kill the king of England long ago. It isn't cute or funny to disrespect men like this. Call us men or gentlemen.

I replied as follows:

We've been using the term "guys" on KFI since 1990.  Yes, "guy" comes from "Guy Fawkes" and has evolved in its meaning.  Since our language is a living language, it evolves and meanings for words evolve with it.  In today's world, the term "guy" is understood to mean a man, a gentleman, etc. If you'll notice, she and we often use the term "men" or "man" as well as "guy."  So I'm going to give Shannon a break on this one because I'm a fair guy.
Thanks for listening and thanks for writing.
(NOTE TO SELF: Next time, don't use italics, it's irritating.)