Immediately upon waking today I said to myself, “I’m going to update my blog.”  I know I don’t have a super popular –or even mildly popular- blog but the digital folks like it to be updated every “now and a gain” as they say in Georgia.

My argument for not updating is the lack of time I have as a news director and news anchor. And today, I have even less time, and it all has to do with public transportation or, more specifically, Metrolink.

Since Metrolink’s incompetence, lack of communication and a fill-in dispatcher guzzled the limited amount of time I have to write, you’ll have to read my Tweets.  I’m just going to cut and past them and call it a day.


My train's late, my hair's a mess and I owe the Warner Brother's commissary $11.32.


40 minutes ago, we were supposed to leave union station. is a hot mess today.


Which train are you currently on?



Train 206. Missed 907 because 315 was late. When I arrive in Burbank, the shuttles will not be running.


We confirmed with operations and the only delayed departure from Union Station is 207 that was 10 minutes behind schedule.



You guys need to get it together and take into consideration the horrific cascading effect your inefficient operations cause.


reinforces why public transit is not for people who need to arrive at work in a timely manner. 40 min late, so far.


Final tally: 5 min late train leads to cascade of late trains = 56 min late to work. And we pay for this.