Yesterday the United States suffered a double loss: Belgium beat us.  But that’s only one loss.

WE lost a good one.  KFI sales dude Butch Clark is gone, well, he’s going.  He’s not dead or dying, he got another job doing what he does best: Shoveling the BS, breaking the rules, playing dumb when necessary, thinking he’s always on the ropes and bringing in the clients.

We’ll miss Butch’s self deprecating humor as well as his smile.

And we’ll miss Butch’s apparent recipe for survival: No matter how good things are, Butch always finds a way to temper it with just the right amount of anxiety or negativity to keep himself grounded.  And no matter how bad things are, Butch always finds a way to temper that with enough enthusiasm and focus to keep on keepin’ on.

The guys at CBS Altitude Group who wrangled Butch from us, after his 11 years here, inherited a guy who will bring their team lots of laughs and success.

Good luck Butch!