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SOUTH PASADENA (CNS) - Two South Pasadena High School students accused of planning to carry out a ``massacre'' at the campus could learn today if they will face criminal charges.

The students -- two boys aged 16 and 17 -- were arrested Monday following a four-day investigation that began with a tip from a resident who contacted school officials, who in turn notified police. Their names were not released due to their ages.

South Pasadena police Chief Art Miller said the shooting plot was in its infancy, with no date set for the attack and no weapons in their possession.

But he said the students went to great lengths to research weaponry and tactics online.

``In our opinion, it was very viable what they were plotting,'' Miller said Tuesday. ``They were making a huge plan of a school massacre that identified three staff members at the school by name that they were targeting, along with some random students, as they called it. They just wanted to, as they put it, they just wanted to kill as many people as possible.''

The students were being held on suspicion of conspiracy and criminal threats. Miller declined to discuss a possible motive for the alleged plot.

``Three or four days worth of surveillance on the Internet indicated that they had a very real threat,'' Miller said. ``They had a plan in mind that they were going to execute. And later on, during our investigative interviews with the suspects, they more or less confirmed what they had talked about, very cold-heartedly in the ... interviews.''

Miller said the FBI was assisting investigators, primarily by doing forensic work on the suspects' computers. He said investigators had been monitoring the students' activity on social media, and that monitoring bolstered their belief the plot was viable.

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