(NEWSER) – Gaza militants renewed rocket fire on Israel today after a three-day truce expired and negotiations in Cairo on a new border deal for the coastal strip hit a deadlock. The Israeli military says at least 10 rockets were fired at Israel after the temporary truce expired at 8am. One rocket was intercepted over the city of Ashkelon, while the others hit open areas. An Israeli government spokesman blamed Gaza militants for breaking the cease-fire, and the Israeli military says it has resumed strikes on targets "across Gaza" in response to the rocket fire.

Earlier, a senior Hamas official said the militant group would not extend the cease-fire. He said that Israel had rejected all of Hamas' demands in the Egyptian-brokered talks, including a guarantee in principle that Gaza's borders would be opened. Israel has said it is willing to consider easing the border restrictions, but demands that Hamas disarm, a condition the group has rejected. Hamas has said it is willing to hand over some power in Gaza to enable its long-time rival, Western-backed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, to lead reconstruction efforts, but that it would not give up its arsenal and control over thousands of armed men.

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