Byron Smith, 65, is accused of murdering two teenagers who broke into his home on Thanksgiving Day 2012.

The defense says Smith was tired of being the victim of multiple break-ins.

The prosecution says that Smith went too far in defending his home and this was simply premeditated murder. 

Smith told police that he armed himself and set up recording devices after several break-ins.

In those audio recordings, you can hear Smith shooting at 17-year-old Nick Brady after a window is heard breaking.

"You're dead", Smith said.

Then rustling is heard.  In an interview to police after the killings, he said he didn't want Brady's bleeding body to stain his carpet.

A few minutes later you hear a female voice, identified as 18-year-old Haile Kifer saying "Nick?"

Gunshots are heard again, Smith says, "Sorry about that," and Kifer screams "Oh my God!"

More shots are heard and Smith is heard saying, "You're dying bitch." Read more HERE

In an interview with police the day after the killing, Smith told investigators that Kifer was still alive after he initially shot her, and then he placed a .22 under her chin and gave her "a good clean finishing shot."  

Read more of his interview with police HERE.
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