Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - The legal battle over whether Shelly Sterling has  authority under a family trust to sell the Los Angeles Clippers was put on hold  today, with Donald Sterling filing papers in federal court contending his  privacy rights were violated by the disclosure of his medical records to his  wife and the public.

A four-day non-jury trial in Los Angeles Superior Court was set to begin  this morning to determine if Shelly Sterling had acted within her authority  when she negotiated a $2 billion deal to sell the team to former Microsoft CEO  Steve Ballmer.

But Judge Michael Levanas said he could not move forward with the case  in light of Donald Sterling's federal court filing, and delayed the case until  late morning to see if a U.S. district judge would weigh in on the matter.

However, attorneys for Shelly Sterling, who was in Superior Court this  morning, said they have filed a motion of their own to return the case to  Levanas.

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