() What was supposed to be a relaxing day on the slopes turned into a nightmare for one person after he fell 45 feet from a ski lift. The video describes the victim as a “kid” though it is unclear how old he actually is.

According to the video’s description, the guy didn’t have the security bar down on the lift and fell out of his seat. He tries desperately to hold on, his feet dangling and flailing. He eventually loses his grip and is sent plunging 45 feet towards the snow.

“I was skiing when my friend gets off balance and ends up hanging from the chair. He did not have the security bar down. He hung from about Pole 8 to 21, and at 21 he fell,” the description reads. “This was on a lift that averages 37ft above the ground, But pole 21 was the 3rd highest [stretch] at about 45ft high, 19 being the highest.”

He was reportedly taken to a hospital by helicopter after suffering serious injuries, including a concussion, skull fracture, collapsed lung, and a lacerated liver.

Watch (Warning: Some strong language)

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