A young California Black Bear found wandering in Baldwin Park, then tranquilized and taken into the San Gabriel Mountains has been found dead near Palmdale.

Officials with the Department of Fish and Wildlife say the bear was left in the forest Friday, but made its way more than 30 miles to the Littlerock area where it was found Tuesday.

The 3-year-old, 275 pound male bear was on someone's porch. It had a head injury consistent with being hit by a car.

The bear had been found Friday near an abandoned restaurant at the corner of Puente Avenue and Ramona Boulevard in Baldwin Park. Police spotted the bear in a tree about eight feet off the ground.

A CDFW officer arrived and tranquilized the bear with one dart. After the drugs too effect, the bear was placed in the back of the warden’s truck and taken up Highway 39 to the Angeles National Forest and released.

The bear traveled more than 30 miles north of the release spot to Littlerock, where it was killed.

Posted by Karla Marquez