Former Bell executive Angela Spaccia -- now facing cross-examination by prosecutors -- has again denied having a hand in creating a series of illegal employment contracts and pay raises.

"You typed them for 7 years and you don't know what you were typing," snapped an incredulous Deputy District Attorney Sean Hassett?

"Unfortunately, I probably was not paying as much attention to these template things as I should have," Spaccia replied.

Under questioning, Hassett led Spaccia through her 30-years of experience as a government financial expert, then accused her of crafting City Council agendas and other documents for the sole purpose of hiding staggering pay raises from the public, particularly in May, 2005, when 12 employment contracts were spirited through Council with only an obscure entry on the agenda.

"This was a deliberate choice by you not to put your budget on the agenda," Hassett asked?

"I was not involved in what to put on the agenda," Spaccia said.

Hassett suggested the agenda language for the May 2, 2005 meeting was so vague as to make it impossible for anyone to understand exactly what the Council was voting to enact.

"It wouldn't put anyone on notice that they were about to give 50-percent raises to the C-A-O and Assistant C-A-O, would it," Hassett asked?

"That's hard for me to say."

Throughout the first hours of cross examination Spaccia has blamed former Bell chief administrative officer Robert Rizzo for directing her to create employment contracts and other documents, and said former city clerk Lourdes Garcia handled the paperwork at Rizzo's direction.

Spaccia spent four days on the witness stand testifying in her own defense, and late Wednesday insisted she was not guilty of each of the 13 felony charges she faces.

-- Eric Leonard at Criminal Courts