HUNTINGTON PARK (CNS) - Four people were taken into custody in Huntington Park today in connection with a rowdy street celebration following Mexico's advancing to the second round of the World Cup.         

Law enforcement officers from several agencies sought to control hundreds of unruly fans, who hit the streets in Huntington Park, Huntington Park police Detective Elsa Cobian told City News Service about 6 p.m.  

The four arrests consisted of one each for disorderly conduct and an assault on a police officer and two for failure to disperse, according to Huntington Park police. The names of the arrestees were not immediately available. No injuries were reported.  

Celebrants darted in and out of traffic and rocked some vehicles that tried to get through intersections, Cobian said. 

The trouble began about 3:30 p.m., a half-hour after Mexico completed a 3-1 victory over Croatia in Brazil, Cobian said.  

“I heard that some of the people came from a viewing party at El Club on Pacific Boulevard and some from the plaza over by Florence Avenue,” Cobian continued. “They're not complying with orders to disperse from the officers at the scene.” 

Huntington Park had invoked the mutual aid agreement with surrounding municipalities and officers from its police department were joined by mounted sheriff's units and special weapons teams, officers from police departments in other cities and California Highway Patrol officers, who handled traffic control.  

Pacific Boulevard was closed in both directions between Florence and Gage avenues as police restored order on the streets.