The property owner renting a house in Palmdale to a serial rapist could be rethinking the plan.

Bart Stone lives two doors down from the house on Laredo Vista Avenue where Christopher Hubbart could be living in a few weeks.

Stone says he rents from the same owner.

"This was supposed to be a good thing," Stone says. "It turned into a bad thing."

He also says the owner's son has apologized to neighbors and says his father didn't realize the type of person who was planning to move in.

Stone claims, "When we talked to him today, he said he was going to do everything in his power to undo what happened here."

Calls to the owner have not been returned. A protest against the plan is scheduled for Saturday across the street in Sorenson Park.

-- Steve Gregory, near Palmdale 

Steve managed to grab a photo of this school bus that stops right in front of the property that could be rented out to serial rapist Christopher Hubbart.