LOS ANGELES (CNS) - A teenage animal rights advocate greeted Ralphs shoppers with PETA's new app that unleashes a spray with the “scent of death” aimed at making shoppers think twice about buying meat ahead of Memorial Day weekend and barbecue season.

The app, which is still in its beta mode, includes a dongle, a small piece of hardware that can be plugged into an iPhone or an iPad that contains a cartridge with enough for 100 sprays, according to PETA. 

The spray is activated through the scanning of a barcode on chicken products at supermarkets.  

Amanda Slyter, a campaigner for PETA, said the app is meant for youth and will be available on its website PETA2.com once it is ready.

“They are always hearing from young people who are looking for ways to  talk to their family about why being vegan is important to them,” Slyter said.  

The app is meant to share the sounds and smells of the slaughterhouse, she said.  

“People are really surprised to see an app that will allow them to not just see and hear the horrors of the slaughterhouse, but to smell it too,” Slyter said.