Los Angeles Department of Water and Power employees earn more money in base, overtime, and bonus pay than most other City workers, according to new salary information posted online Thursday by Controller Ron Galperin.

“DWP employees were in fact paid an average of 37.2% -- from January to June – more than the non-police and non-fire civilian employees,” Galperin told reporters at a news conference outside City Hall, the day before a public hearing was scheduled to discuss a new contract for DWP workers.

When overtime and bonuses were included nearly 60% of the DWP’s 9,820 stood to earn more than $100,000 in 2013, compared with about 33% of police officers and firefighters and 22% of regular civilian workers, Galperin said.

“I urge a thoughtful review of the overtime, the bonus, the work rules for the DWP,” he said.

He declined to offer an opinion on whether DWP salaries were excessive, but said the information his office has shared should help the public better understand what’s at stake in the negotiations.

The public hearing on the new contract for DWP employees was scheduled for 10:00 a.m. Friday at L.A. City Hall.

By Eric Leonard