LAPD officials said Tuesday they won’t put-up with officers intentionally breaking video equipment to prevent their conversations in the field from being recorded, and new inspections have been ordered to make sure recorders are functioning at the start of each shift.

Deputy Chief Bob Green told the Police Commission officers must check the transmitters and antennas each day, and must report broken equipment immediately.

“Supervisors are currently required to make two inspections a day and document those on their supervisors’ log,” he said.

Chief Charlie Beck and other bosses have admitted they kept quiet and didn’t investigate individual officers when it was learned last summer some officers in South L.A. were tampering with the equipment.

Police Commissioner Robert Salzman pressed Beck and other officials about why they decided not to try and identify the tamperers, and as a result, perhaps conveniently, kept the discovery hidden from the Commission.

“I’m not a detective, but it seems to me there would be ways to look at some narrow pieces of time,” Salzman said. “Perhaps there was a way to further an investigation to figure out who was responsible.”

-- Eric Leonard