Remember in school when you got to do art on Fridays? It was your teacher's way of telling you job well done, here's a fun activity because learning times tables is tough.

So, loyal readers of this blog (all three of you), consider this the written equivalent of art on Fridays. They're just some musings on totally unimportant stuff that I want to share. Maybe you've had the same thoughts.

How long is the new Arsenio Hall talk show going to last? They say success is the best revenge and maybe that's true. I'm sorry to see he's back. He doesn't deserve it.

I sent him a letter when I was 17 calling him out for ragging on Vanilla Ice. I was into the Iceman for like five minutes my senior year of high school because dang, "Ice Ice Baby" was catchy! Anyway, to say Arsenio was super rude to Vanilla Ice would be an understatement. Ice brought on Flavor Flav of Public Enemy (who was also a guest that night) for a quick shoutout and Arsenio accused him of doing that just to show people he had a "black supporter." He used the interview for nothing but an ambush, questioning Vanilla Ice for alleged disses against other rappers, his racial authenticity as a rapper. It was disgusting. There were no questions about his success (which, loved it or loathed it, was anything but vanilla at the time) and Arsenio played it off like he was the important arbiter from the frigging 4th Estate.

(Apologies for the sucky audio here. It's the only version on YouTube.)

To add insult to injury, I am upset Arsenio's new show has bumped my reruns of Friends at 11 p.m. to midnight. It's too hard to stay up that late on a weeknight! 11 p.m. was my limit.

Okay, moving on to unoriginality in advertising. The L.A. County Fair people really have to move on from the "people in L.A. are stupid" theme. It was funny the first year, maybe even the second, when they were showing the blond who didn't know how to milk a cow, etc. But seriously, that was like in the early naughties. And along the same lines, Morongo Casino would do well to ditch the, "Are we recording now?/Is this thing on?" line in the beginning of the otherwise blah ads that feature the voiceover work by KTLA's Rick Chambers. (Aside: I, like my mother, am excellent at recognizing celebrity voices and I totally called that one!)

But I want to end on a high note. I had the most delightful time seeing the summer flop "Pacific Rim" a couple of weeks ago. Um, giant robots the world builds to fight alien predators from the sea? Yes, please!! You have to go into the movie knowing it's cheesy. And then you'll love it. You'll love it even more if you go see it at the Regency Theatres in North Hollywood or Pasadena. It's $1.50-$3 depending on when you go (Sundays and Tuesdays are the cheapest price at the NoHo location.) Come on, you HAVE to see this in the theatre! Here's hoping Arsenio's show will be canceled Monday. Then he can hit up the Tuesday matinee because he won't have anything else to do.

-- NC