I like to live life spicy. But uncharacteristically, every work day since about October 2010, I have had the same basic lunch: meat source, string cheese and foods my future gums-only old lady self will be at complete ease with – Fage yogurt (strawberry compote compartment-friendly) Jell-O sugar-free pudding and Mott’s Medley’s Cherry Berry applesauce. I never get tired of eating any of it.


A few months ago, I noticed my supermarkets weren’t carrying my special ‘sauce anymore. Oh, sure, they had other Mott’s flavors and styles. But my taste buds would not abide Country Blueberry. I had to have the Cherry Berry (and the Medley, meaning there are some vegetables in there, dang nabbit!)


I contacted Mott’s twice and they not-so-helpfully e-mailed me a list of what stores in my area had recently carried the product. I needed to know which *were* carrying the product. The first list had all Ralphs stores. The second (several weeks later) had all Albertsons stores. When I called the one on Hillhurst in Los Feliz, the nice manager Danny there told me not only did they have it, they’d special order it for me. (That was a great tip I got from my co-worker Karla, a grocery coupon maven if ever there was one.)


Los Feliz isn’t far from where I work, but the Albertsons in Burbank is even closer. I called there to see if they could special order my Mott’s. Manager Nicky totally hooked me up super quick, and I proudly picked up my case the other day. I paid about $35 for it all. Some of the best Washingtons and Lincolns I’ve ever shelled out. And as long as Mott’s makes my Medley, Albertsons will have a repeat customer.


The case had 12 packs. Each pack has six cups of applesauce. If I have one a work day, I’m good for the next 3½ months!


And now back to carrying on Nelson Mandela’s legacy…