Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has selected Anaheim City Manager Marcie Edwards to become the next general manager of the Department of Water and Power, and if she’s confirmed by the City Council, Edwards will become the first woman to run the agency.

Edwards, who began her career at DWP and spent two decades there serving in a variety of assignments, said Thursday she’s eager to return.

“I’m extremely honored,” Edwards said. “I very much want the light that is the DWP to shine its absolute brightest.”

“The time is now to shed the bureaucatic insulation that impedes forward progresss and replace it with an agile, risk tolerant, cost effective agency, one that is comfortable with transparency, and willing to allow employees to do their best work.”

Edwards immediately addressed the nagging financial questions surrounding the Joint Safety and Training Institutes, the two non profit entities partially controlled by the DWP employee union that have refused to share spending records with the public.

“I will support the commission’s actions to turn over documents at these organizations, and to stop the payment of ratepayer money in those areas until we can account for activities and for spending,” she said. 

-- Eric Leonard at DWP Headquarters