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KFI AM 640
3400 W Olive Ave Ste 550
Burbank, CA 91505, Suite 550

Business Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Main: (818) 559-2252
Programming: (818) 566-6476

KFI Newsroom (NEWS TIPS only): (323) CALL-KFI (225-5534)
Listener Line: (800) 520-1KFI (1534) 



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NOTE regarding submitting comments to KFI AM 640:

Emails and letters sent to KFI AM 640 directly will generally be placed in the station's public inspection file, available for public review at the station during business hours. Posting a message to a chat room, bulletin board or other general user forum is not a good way to communicate directly with the station and the station does not include these postings in its public inspection file.


--How do I call KFI to be on the air?

For live, local shows, call (800) 520-1KFI (1534). If you get through, you will talk to a screener. A screener filters calls to find the most appropriate for the show at that moment. The screener may or may not transfer you to the host and put you on the air.

--I want the station to consider my PSA for broadcast. Who should I contact?

KFI AM 640 does not air PSAs. The station's programming meets FCC requirements for public service.

--My company would like to advertise on KFI. Who should I contact?

KFI AM 640 Sales
Email: Bill Denton, General Sales Manager
Phone: (818) 566-4840

--Does that guy really think he’s Jesus?

What guy?

--My company would like to advertise on Who should I contact?

Email: Bill Denton, General Sales Manager

--I want to send a press release or news item to the station. Who should I contact?

Phone: (818) 566-6397
Email: Chris Little, KFI NEWS Director

--Is Marjorie Handel really incontinent?

No, she is a vibrant and beautiful woman in control of all her faculties (as far as we know). And, you should see her thick, luxurious hair.

--How do I send a comment or idea to a show or host?

Email the show (see email addresses above).

--How do I contact a show producer?

Email the show (see email addresses above).

--How can I register a formal complaint about a show?

Contact KFI AM 640 Programming
Write: 3400 West Olive Ave. Suite 550, Burbank CA 91505
Email: Robin Bertolucci, Program Director

--Which one is John and which one is Ken?


--I need traffic info!

Call KFI's traffic center at (888) 500-5003.

--How can I get legal advice from Handel, technical advice from Leo, etc. The line is always busy.

You have to keep trying to get through during the show. They cannot answer individual emails, Tweets, Facebook posts, snail mail and so on.

--I need help streaming, podcasting or getting other media from your site.

Check out KFI's Technical FAQs.