Do you leave the TV on for your dogs when you're not at home, so they have some company while you're at work? Or do you play music for your cats to try and keep them from hiding all over the house? Many pet owners indulge in this practice to help their feline friends, dogs, birds, gerbils, even their goldfish, to feel relaxed when they are home alone. But now, they have a different option, thanks to everyone's favorite feline internet superstar, Grumpy Cat. 

iHeartRadio is now introducing a station with a paw-picked song selection from Grumpy Cat! We all know her for being cynical, and slightly evil, but that doesn't mean she doesn't want to help out her fellow pets. She has pinpointed the perfect playlist for your animal friends, from songs in frequencies only your cat or dog can here to songs entirely made of jingling and squeaking! 

Twitter: @RealGrumpyCat