(Yahoo!) - Kelly Osbourne is speaking out from her hospital bed, where she's recovering from the seizure she suffered on Thursday.

Hours after collapsing on the set of E!’s “Fashion Police,” the 28-year-old took to Twitter to update her nearly 3 million followers on her medical condition.

Kelly was filming her weekly style show in front of a studio audience in Los Angeles when she became ill and was brought by ambulance to the hospital.

A network rep released a statement to omg! on Thursday afternoon explaining that Kelly had fainted and was hospitalized, noting, "She will be staying overnight for observation as a precautionary measure.” However, there was no mention of her having a seizure – though rumors were swirling on the Internet.

Kelly’s mother, Sharon, hasn’t mentioned the incident on Twitter – nor has brother, Jack. However, the family has had a stressful year with regards to illness – Jack, 27, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis last spring. He has since been very vocal about living with the disease, adopting the motto “adapt and overcome,” which he often tweets.


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