(Yahoo!) - Jamie Lynn Spears is off the market.

Britney’s little sister, 21, who, just like her sister has had a rocky relationship history, finally found a man to put a ring on it. She announced her engagement to the same-named Jamie Watson last night on Instagram.

“Guesssss what??????” she wrote on her Instagram page.

She followed it up right away with a close-up shot of her engagement ring. “☺ #hedidgood” she wrote.

And the ring is certainly nothing to scoff at. The diamond studded piece features a huge rock in the center, surrounded with what appears to be more smaller diamonds around the band.

So, just who is the lucky guy? Watson, 30, is Spears’ boyfriend of three years. Not too much is out there about him, besides that he’s a businessman and not involved in the entertainment industry.

Watson spoke with The New York Post's Page Six in January about the state of their relationship. He told the paper that their relationship, “is really going great.” He explained that while they’ve broken up before, “We’ve been back together for a while now.”

And they seem very much in love from the many pictures of them together littered throughout her Instagram – this is clearly a couple that has deep affection for each other.

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